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2019-11-08 04:09:41
24 October 2019, Gwangju, Korea 
1. Preface 

 1.1  The Meeting of the ASEAN-Republic of Korea Ministers Responsible for Culture and Arts (AMCA Plus ROK) was established in 2014 to promote friendship and co-prosperity in the field of culture and the arts, and has adopted and implemented two work plans namely, ‘2015-2018 ASEAN-Republic of Korea Work Plan on Cooperation in Culture and the Arts’ and ‘2019-2021 ASEANRepublic of Korea Work Plan on Cooperation in Culture and the Arts’. 

 1.2  At the 3rd AMCA Plus ROK Meeting on 24 October 2018 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, ROK proposed the ‘2019 Special AMCA Plus Republic of Korea Meeting’ to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of dialogue relations between ASEAN and ROK. The proposal was agreed at the 20th ASEAN-Republic of Korea Summit held on 14 November 2018 in Singapore. 

 1.3  The 2019 Special AMCA Plus Republic of Korea Meeting was held at the Asia Culture Center in Gwangju, Republic of Korea, on 24 October 2019. H.E. Park Yangwoo, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Republic of Korea, presided over the Meeting as the Chair, and H.E. Virgilio S. Almario, Chairman of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts of the Philippines, as the Co-Chair of the Meeting. The list of the Heads of Delegations appears as Annex 1. The ASEAN Ministers noted that Gwangju is becoming the hub city of Asian culture, as the city of human rights and peace, the 2014 Culture City of East Asia, and the UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts. The ASEAN Ministers expressed their appreciation on the efforts of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Gwangju Metropolitan City of the Republic of Korea in promoting greater cultural exchanges between ASEAN and ROK. 

 1.4  The Ministers agreed on the importance of advancing ASEAN-ROK partnership in culture as it links the synergy between culture, the arts and the creative industries. 

2. Future Vision of ASEAN-ROK Cultural Cooperation 

 2.1 The Ministers highly valued the New Southern Policy of ROK that has paved the way for advancement of ASEAN-ROK cooperation particularly, in culture. Furthermore, ASEAN and ROK shared the belief and vision in promoting a people-centred future community of peace and co-prosperity. ROK expressed its sincere respect to the achievements of ASEAN in creating a peaceful, inclusive, and harmonious community. The ASEAN Ministers expressed interest and respect for the ROK’s accomplishments in creative cultural activities, and reiterated the need to strengthen cooperation with ROK for the future growth of ASEAN’s creative cultural activities. 

 2.2 ROK, as a member state of the intergovernmental committee of the UNESCO’s ‘Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2005 Convention)’, invited the ASEAN Member States’ participation in the ‘UNESCO ASEAN-ROK Cultural Policymakers Workshop’ that will be held in ROK in 2020 to enhance cooperation opportunities on policy areas related to creativity and the diversity of cultural expressions. 

 2.3 ROK mentioned the importance of ROK and ASEAN’s interests to promote the Asia Culture Center as a cultural cooperation institution to enhance mutual understanding between ASEAN and Korean peoples, respect diversity of cultural expressions, strengthen cultural capacity of art professionals, and boost joint creation and production. The ASEAN Ministers noted the role of the Asia Culture Center as a platform for Asian contemporary culture and arts exchange, as well as creation. 

 2.4 The Ministers acknowledged the importance of greater cultural exchanges and cooperation between future generations of ASEAN and ROK. The Ministers further agreed to promote the spirit of cultural diversity and expressions based on mutual understanding for their shared growth, and to continue the efforts for joint capacity building that will serve as the foundation of creative cultural activities. The Ministers will discuss specific exchange enhancement measures by way of AMCA Plus ROK Meeting that is held biennially. 

3. Enhancement of People’s Understanding for Mutual Cultures of ROK and ASEAN 

 3.1 The Ministers agreed to undertake joint efforts to introduce the rich and diverse cultural heritage and arts of ASEAN and ROK in order to promote mutual cultural understanding between the ASEAN and Korean peoples. 

 3.2 ROK proposed to celebrate the ‘Year of Mutual Cultural Exchange’ between each ASEAN Member State and ROK from 2019 onwards, and sought the active participation of ASEAN Member States in the international exchange cultural festival, ‘Asian Culture Week’ that will be held at the Asia Culture Center of ROK, so that ASEAN and Korean peoples can learn about and understand each other’s heritage, culture and the arts. 

 3.3 ROK proposed that ASEAN and ROK alternately convene a forum on enhancing cultural identity and cooperation of ASEAN and ROK, which will engage various entities of ASEAN and ROK including culture and arts policymakers, theorists, artists, and culture and art institutes to reinforce exchange and cooperation. 

4. Promoting Co-Creation and Production between ASEAN and ROK 

 4.1 The Ministers agreed to discuss measures to broadly support cultural and artistic exchanges and cooperation projects of artists and art community of various fields in ASEAN and ROK. 

 4.2 ROK proposed to organise a research forum and joint creative workshop to nurture young artists in ASEAN and ROK. 

 4.3 ROK proposed to expand the ‘Asia Traditional Orchestra’ concert that has been held in ROK since 2009, to perform in each ASEAN country, and to enrich ASEAN-ROK traditional music contents through traditional musician exchange residency and workshops. 

5. Reinforcement of Cooperation between ASEAN and Korean Culture and Arts Institutes 

 5.1 The ASEAN Ministers welcomed ROK’s proposal to strengthen mutual cooperation and exchange in various areas including exhibition, management, research, education, publications, information and human resources between ASEAN and Korean national museums, galleries, libraries and to expand collaborative projects with ASEAN in the future. 

6. Exchange and Cooperation on Cultural Industry of ASEAN and ROK, and Copyright Protection 

 6.1 The Ministers reaffirmed the endeavours to contribute to the promotion and prosperity of creativity in the cultural industry. They will actively cooperate on cultural industry exchange events to be held in ASEAN and ROK, and actively seek cooperative projects in various areas of cultural industry, and widen opportunities for future generations to showcase their creativity.  

 6.2 Recognising that film cooperation is a cross-cutting issue that may involve Senior Officials Meeting on Culture and Arts (SOMCA), the Ministers noted the ongoing substantive discussions between Senior Officials Meeting Responsible for Information (SOMRI) and ROK to promote cooperation in film development and organisations for mutual benefits. 
 6.3 The Ministers shared the common vision that intellectual property rights has become a vital foundation for the development of culture and the arts as well as cultural industry, and they will continue to work together on raising awareness on intellectual property rights . 

7. ASEAN-ROK Cooperation to Preserve and Utilise Cultural Heritage 

 7.1 The ASEAN Ministers noted ROK’s initiative to establish the Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage Cooperation Organisation, in which ASEAN may also be involved. 

 7.2 The Ministers shared the common vision that ASEAN and Korean cultural heritage are important cultural resources for future generations. To this end, the Ministers agreed to explore the possibility to share ROK’s advanced ICT-based technology for cultural heritage preservation and promotion with ASEAN.  
8. Other Matters 8.1 The 4th AMCA Plus ROK Meeting will be convened in Cambodia in 2020. 

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